Lead, Square & Back Passing

Drill Purpose

Lead, Square & Back Passing is a drill that’s simple in theory but takes a lot of good timing in order to execute. It will develop a player’s passing timing and ability to position him or herself to receive a pass.


1. Three players per drill group are utilized. The distance form A to B is about 10 yards and the distance between B to C is about 10 yards.

2. Player A dribbles a few times and sends a lead pass to B.

3. B dribbles a few times and sends a square pass to C.

4. C then passes to A and this cycle is repeated down the field.

Points of Emphasis

Lead, Square, & Back Passing is a drill designed to help players develop the mindset of moving the ball down the field in an organized fashion. During this drill, instruct players to…

– Keep their heads in the drill and make concise passes to a teammate
– Learn to delay in order to maintain a good position from which to receive the next pass.


As players gain an understanding of the game, further variations include:

1. Using more complicated systems and more offensive players.
2. Add defensive players to make the drill feel more real.

Motivation / Teaching Tips

Tip #1 – Reward offensive groups that cleanly make their way down
field without error.

Tip #2 – Encourage players be creative with their faking when
delaying to receive or make a pass

Tip #3 – Teamwork is essential and everyone must by in sync.

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