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How Long Should Your Soccer Practice Be?

Typically the amount of time given for a soccer practice is what’s available after school or fit between other activities. When it comes to the length of a soccer practice, it’s probably to break down the ages of the children as each age group has different attention spans and natural endurance capabilities. Keep in mind […]

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Announcing our Free eBook “42 Soccer Drills & Practice Plans that Will Help You Develop a Winning Soccer Team!””

We’re pleased to announce that we have released a new eBook (which is completely free)! The 170 page eBook includes 42 soccer coaching drills.  Each drill includes full color diagrams, step by step instructions, motivation tips, and soccer coaching tips.   The drills are broken down by both category and skill level.  The categories include: Shooting Drills […]

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New Batch of Soccer Drills

We added our first batch of soccer drills to the website. We started with 7 soccer drills that we really like. Many more are coming soon. Most of the new drills work for all age levels and improve skills like ballhandling, kicking, defense, concentration, and conditioning. Not to mention, the majority of the drills are […]

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Welcome to Surefire Soccer…

Welcome to Surefire Soccer! We’re incredibly excited about launching this site, which we hope is going to become a valuable resource for soccer coaches, players, and parents. The site is brand new and we’re now in the process of adding content. So please be patient. We’re almost done with a new soccer drills ebook which […]

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