One-on-One Enticement

Drill Purpose

One-on-One Enticement builds dribbling and feinting skills. Also great for defenders, it teaches players not to reach for the ball unless they’re 100% sure of gaining possession.


1. Only 2 players per drill group are utilized. One player will serve as the offensive player and the other player is the defender.  (Note:  When running this drill, you should split your team into groups of 2 and have them all do the drill at the same time.  The last thing you want is players standing around during practice.)

2. Player B, the defender, stands several feet in front of the end line or the sideline.

3. Player A faces the defensive player, B, with his or her foot on top of the ball before him. A “entices” B to come after the ball.

4. A does not move until the defensive player attempts to reach for the ball with his or her foot.

5. At this time, A attempts to dribble around the defensive player and over the finish line.

Points of Emphasis

One-on-One Enticement is a simple drill that packs a huge punch with the skills it can teach. Players will develop their own ways to dribble around defenders and defenders work on the very important skill of not reaching for the ball unless they’re sure they can win it. During One-on-One Enticement instruct players to…

– offensive: be careful with the ball, but also trick the defender into thinking it’s a ball he or she can take away.
– offensive: try any method they’ve learned to dribble the ball around a defender.
– defensive: do NOT “throw the leg” or reach for a ball unless you’re sure you can gain possession otherwise you’ll lose balance and the offensive player will dribble around you.


As players gain an understanding of the game, further variations include:

1. Player A begins with his or her back to the defensive player and when the defensive player attempts to get around the front of player A, A turns away from the defensive player and dribbles over the finish line.
2. Playing in a larger area which will require more dribbling and defending.
3.  Create more of a game situation by starting the ball with the defender, having the defender pass to the offensive player, and then have the defender close out appropriately.  Adding this element brings proper passing into the drill, controlling the pass, and then making an offensive move.  Also be sure to emphasize proper close outs by the defender (take short choppy steps with good balance and do not lunge at the player so they can go around you).

Motivation / Teaching Tips

Tip #1 – Award offensive players that consistently dribble around the defenders that are guarding them.

Tip #2 – Defenders should be complimented on being patient and not reaching for the ball.

Tip #3 – Encourage offensive players to use any “faking” skills in their arsenal to get around a defender and try new ones as well.

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