Four-Goal Turmoil

Drill Purpose

Soccer is a game of scoring points and players enjoy any drill that allows them to score often. Four-Goal Turmoil is a game that allows players a great chance of success and so they try very hard to score a goal. The chaotic atmosphere of the game is a lot of fun for them. This drill helps encourage players to turn and change direction.


1. Play takes place in a 30-by-20-yard playing area. Teams are composed of 4 players. Three-yard-wide goals are set up at the center of each of the four sidelines. There are no goalkeepers.

2. To start, players position in the center of the area and the coach drops the ball in the middle.

3. One team attacks goals A and B and defends goals C and D. The other attacks goals C and D and defends goals A and B.

4. Teams are awarded 1 point for each pass, dribble, or shot through the goals.

5. Each time a point is scored, the coach restarts the game by dropping the ball in the middle, as when the game began.

6. When the ball goes out of play, the game is restarted with a throw-in.

Teaching Tips

Players need to “keep their heads” in the game as this exercise can become very confusing quickly. Teamwork will be essential and encouraged.


– To make the game easier for players with less skill, allow both teams to score on any goal.

– To make the game more challenging for players that have more skill, reduce the space to 20-by-20 yards, play 2 vs. 2 in a 20-by-15 yard area with four goalkeepers, or increase the area to 50-by-40 yards and lay 6 vs. 6.

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