How To Become a Professional Soccer Player?

Question: Hi I’m a 27 yr old guy I want to join a football club n want to become a pro.
Are there any chances of me being getting selected & does age play a factor in a game and getting selected in a club? How much time will i need to become a pro?

Answer: The time it takes to become a pro is all determined by you. How hard do you work at your weaknesses and mastery of ball skills. There is no set age limit of making it into the pro’s. I have seen players make it at the age of 27 so don’t give up. I was told in the beginning when I tried (“what good could you do us by the coach at the time?) with my persistence and hard work he was the same person (now general manager) who signed me to my first pro contract.

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  1. daylen February 26, 2012 at 6:33 pm #

    i want to play for the central coast mariners when im 18 im left foot and my corners and free kicks are amazing and my passing is aswell and im fast and i got good dribbling skills could you ask them if i could join there youth team or top grade

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