March Newsletter – New Soccer Drills, Game Time Strategies & How to Kill the Ball

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New Drill: One-on-One Enticement
This is a drill for beginners that builds dribbling and feinting skills. Also great for defenders, it teaches players not to reach for the ball unless they’re 100% sure of gaining possession.

New Drill: Running With Scissors
This is a simple drill for intermediate and advanced players. It develops quick thinking among the offensive players and forces them to evaluate a situation and make a quick decision.

Soccer Game Strategies – Can Players Really Hear You?
As a coach, I made this mistake and I still see thousands of other coaches make this mistake too. You might not realize this but during a game players are making approximately two decisions every second…

Developing the Ability to Kill the Ball on Your Body
Control is what the game’s all about. The more parts of the body that can be used to master the ball, the better the player becomes. Once that ball is under control then the player can contribute positively to a game.

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