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Learning to Dictate the Tempo of Play

The pace of a game can be dictated by several things. Teams without possession can dictate tempo by applying pressure on the player with the ball. This can cause the player to lose the ball or make quick movements to evade this pressure. If pressure is continuously applied, then the team in possession may move […]

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Timing Runs & Off The Ball Running

Since soccer is about running and knowing that movement creates movement, a player should always be willing to run into positions which threaten the opponents’ goal, even when the odds are against him receiving the ball. He will then cause havoc for the defense which will make things easier for his team­mates. When attacking, running […]

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Developing Field Awareness

Every player wants to play for a team rather than a collection of individuals. To score goals there must be organization and team-work in attack, and switching the play or attack is part of this organization. In order to become good at switching play, players should have the internal skill of being able to sense […]

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Coaching the Art of Isolating Defenders

How many times, after a game and having been beaten badly you believe that ‘they seemed to have more players on the field than us’. The truth is that they probably had a better knowledge of the principles of the game when it came to 2 on 1 situations. When watching great professional teams, notice […]

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