Championship of the World

Drill Purpose

This drill develops passing, teamwork, and shooting skills. Every player has his or her favorite country and this is a game that lets them be creative and play for their “country’s glory.” Players get to work on critical skill sets while having a lot of fun in trying to become World Champions!


1. Players on the team are divided into pairs. Each pair of players decide
on the country they would like to be.

2. The game is played inside the 18 with a goalkeeper playing against all
the teams.

3. On the whistle, the coach throws out 3 balls and teams try to score.
When a player shoots they must call out their country’s name.
Teams without a ball try to steal a ball away from another team.

4. Shots are not allowed to be taken inside the 6 yard goalie box

5. If a goal is scored then that team is out and waits outside of the
playing area. The last team remaining sits out the next round.

Teaching Tips

Players at all levels need to learn to communicate with each other during the course of play. Talking to a teammate to direct them or alert them to something they may not see is part of the game. The more hectic a game scenario becomes the more important it is to communicate.


– To make the game easier for players with less skill, allow players to take shots from within the 6 yard box, and add one or two more goalies.
– To make the game more challenging for players that have more skill, require a certain number of passes to be made before a shot may be taken.

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