Timing Runs & Off The Ball Running

Since soccer is about running and knowing that movement creates movement, a player should always be willing to run into positions which threaten the opponents’ goal, even when the odds are against him receiving the ball. He will then cause havoc for the defense which will make things easier for his team­mates. When attacking, running […]

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Coaching Goalkeepers to Successfully Stop Shots

In order to protect his goal from direct shots, a goalkeeper needs excellent reflexes. With a good handling technique  keeper should be capable of stopping most shots. However, careful positioning and anticipation will reduce the number of shots in the first place. Young players take time to develop this anticipation, but there are universal goal-keeping […]

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Coaching The Control Needed For One-Touch Play

Many young players don’t like to first-time a ball.  First-timing means to pass it or play it before it’s trapped or comes to a complete stop.  This is partially due to the fact that since they’ve been very young, they’ve been trained to properly trap first and then pass.  It takes time before players feel […]

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The Importance of a Vocal Goalkeeper

Communication is essential if players are able to work well as a team. Often it’s impossible for the player in possession to know exactly what’s going on around him. Clear, concise directions given by a team-mate in a good position to judge what’s happening is invaluable help. Young players new to soccer, especially under 8’s […]

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