Up and Shoot

Drill Purpose

One-on-one games that change the pace of a typical practice are always welcomed by the players. Youths like the quick get-up-and-go action of this simple and fast game. This drill also develops dribbling skills and teaches players to become more aggressive.


1. Two players should lie down on the field near the 18-yard line with their feet towards the goal.

2. Roll the ball in front of them and at the same time yell “Go.”

3. The players then scramble to their feet and race to the ball, fighting to be the one to dribble and shoot on the goal.

Teaching Tips

During game situations, players from both teams are going to be battling each other for the ball. Contact in soccer is inevitable and shouldn’t be avoided in the quest for control of the ball.

– To make the game easier for players with less skill, start the game at the 6-yard line.
– To make the game more challenging for players that have more skill, add more players and increase the starting distance from the goal.

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