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  1. Luís Francisco Bernardo Vaz says:

    Excuse I dont know so very well the english. I am learning with your emails. You allow me wrigth in portuguese?
    I am from Angola.
    Preciso imenso de receber os vossos materiais. eu não sou treinador de nenhum clube
    mas preciso aperfeiçoar os meus conhecimentos sobre treianmento de futebol.Já solicitei várias vezes como posso pagar ou receber os vossos materiais tais como DVDs, livros etc.
    Tenho outra dificuldade para acessar a internet, tenho que recorrer a outros. pretendo adquirir brevemente o meu computador então serei mais livre a contatálos.
    Conto sempre com a vossa ajuda muito obrigado.

    Very thanks
    Best regards(é assim?)

    Luis Francisco

  2. Mark Carter says:

    “Dramatically improves player skill”? Really? I would question whether that is really teaching skill at all.

    The difference between technique and skill is that skill requires an element of game-related decision-making. Skill is about where and when to use a technique. Your drill improves technique. If we teach solely technique with no skill aspect we are in danger of producing players who may be very good with a ball, but lack confidence to display these techniques in games and often make poor decisions.

    In order to teach skill I would suggest a progression where the player passing the ball then comes in to be a defender – and the player recieving the ball needs a quick touch/dribble either left or right (or pretend to go one way then go the other) in order to get past the defender and make a pass. We would then be using the techniques of recieving-drbbling-passing in a game-related situation – and it is much easier for the learning in this activity to be transferred to a real game.

  3. Joe says:

    Be careful, Mark. If you’re going to start nitpicking people, you should get your terminology correct. You are actually referring to “tactical” SKILLS in your progression. This article is referring to “technical” SKILLS. Just two different types of skills. The article even mentions that it’s technical skills in the first few sentences.

    And yes, it will dramatically improve your players when applied to the right age/skill level.

    Your point about transferring skills to a game is right on. You definitely need to practice tactical skills. And your progression is great.

  4. Doug says:

    Mark, thanks for your input. I run Dave Brandt’s Magic Diamond just after warm ups. It is great for simulating game speed without pressure. So you are right, it works on the technical aspect, not the decision making (tactical) aspect of the player’s game. I then will continue the progression with a 3 v 1 drill that starts applying some pressure, and then move to a grid where players go 2 v 1, 3 v 2, and even 4 v 3 where players now have to control the ball and make firm passes to their offensive teammate. Those drills combine the technical and tactical skills that you are referring to. For the newsletter, I didn’t go as deeply into the practice as you may have liked but I was hoping coaches would now have a good technical drill to start their practices off on a good note. Thanks! Doug

  5. lawal sulaimon says:

    Just don’t know how to thank you people for doing a good job by giving me an avenue to improve by making use of your e-books .

  6. Dan says:

    The exercises are very well explained and the picture is clear.

  7. anupam says:

    Thank you good job by giving me technical skill drill

  8. Michael says:

    Thank you for these new drills i think they help players with the basic skills and i think they will interest players as well

  9. bill pittman says:

    hav enjoyed using your drills in our training sessions.Well done at the world cup.

  10. Tija says:

    What about adding pressure with a time component – say 3,2,1 “your outta there” if they have not gotten through the gate and passed in time?
    I like this concept, thank you, will be trying it in a couple of hours with my U9 girls!

  11. Doug says:

    Tija, I think adding a timed component is a great idea. It adds some pressure to peform at more game speeds. With U9, just be realistic about how long it will take them to complete the drill. With my better players at that age level, I will sometimes put some time constraints on them, while with some other players who are not as skilled, allowing them to just concentrate on the technical aspects of the drill with adding a timed pressure component. Thanks! Doug

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