The Importance of a Vocal Goalkeeper

Communication is essential if players are able to work well as a team. Often it’s impossible for the player in possession to know exactly what’s going on around him. Clear, concise directions given by a team-mate in a good position to judge what’s happening is invaluable help. Young players new to soccer, especially under 8’s […]

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Striking The Ball While It’s In The Air

Goalkeepers are often taken by surprise by a first-time shot. When an attacking player stops the ball, it not only gives a defending player a chance to close him down but it also gives the keeper a chance to prepare himself for the shot. Many goal scoring opportunities have been lost because of a player’s […]

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Teaching How To Kill The Ball With Your Feet

No matter what a player’s position during a game, command of the ball is very important. The ability to control an erratic ball quickly and efficiently gives great personal satisfaction, is fun to watch, and can be the difference between success and failure in any situation in the course of play. Soccer demands speed so […]

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Learn to Carry the Ball and Attack Defenders

One of the most thrilling sights in soccer is that of a player sprinting towards the net with the ball under total control, twisting by a string of opponents and unleashing an unstoppable shot at goal. You’ll notice these players always know where they’re going and they have the ability to work with the ball […]

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