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Brief Description:

In this DVD you will get full workout plans for pre-season, in-season and off-season. You receive an exhaustive library of over 100 conditioning drills and exercises. And you get a printable PowerPoint file that includes complete outlines of conditioning programs.

Recommended for high school, college and advanced club coaches (U14 and up).

Our Review of the DVD:

Best Conditioning DVD we have reviewed on the market. Phenomenal production quality.  Walks you through all stages of conditioning with drills that can help all atheletes. Could be utilized for any sport but has some soccer specific suggestions.  Shot in a basketball gym with easy to understand instructions on each of the 100 conditioning drills.  The supplement PowerPoint product is makes off season training easy to track and more effective.   Overall Grade: A+

Description of the Product:

Never before has such an extensive soccer conditioning program been made publicly available as in this instructional DVD by Rob Rose.

This effective and efficient year-round program contains complete workouts for three parts of the year: pre-season, in-season and off-season. Each program features dynamic flexibility warm-ups and drills to increase your athletes’ linear speed, agility, power, quickness, core and balance. The preseason and off-season programs also include anaerobic conditioning.

Rose opens up a treasure trove of over 100 drills, many of which can be done with a soccer ball to maximize your players’ touches on the ball. Athletes demonstrate these drills and exercises, showing critical techniques that can help any player elevate his or her game.

This DVD also includes a Powerpoint presentation with complete outlines of the programs, dynamics and drills-including bonus drills not covered in the video. The Powerpoint file can be accessed and printed for use as an easy reference guide.

This effective, efficient program is your ticket to complete conditioning for your soccer team!

DVD features Rob Rose — CSCS; President of Sport Specific Consulting and True Athlete Performance.

DVD segments include:

Program Design
The Program
– Dynamic Flexibility
– Linear Speed
– Agility
– Power
– Quickness/First Step/Reaction
– Core
– Balance
– Anaerobic Conditioning

2010. 114 minutes.

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